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In order to give our clients the best value, we typically bill on a combination of hourly and maximum project fee, depending on the project and its scope. Flexibility comes first and foremost, so be assured that we will do all we can at Watermark Group to structure a proposal that works for you and your company.

Virtual Value
Why should you pay for someone who isn’t working directly on your account? We agree: you shouldn’t. That’s why Watermark Group operates in a virtual environment. Through our extensive network of service professionals, we pull in additional expertise on an ad hoc basis rather than put employees on our payroll.

What this means to you is that you won’t pay for unrelated overhead that most agencies pass through to their clients. But you’ll still have the opportunity to work with some of the best talent available.

Offsite or On
We recognize that clients occasionally require on-site support. At Watermark Group, we understand and appreciate your need for “face time” and, depending on current availability, are willing to work with you to schedule reasonable time to be “in-house.”