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Code of Ethics

In a word, Watermark Group is about integrity. We have to feel good about what we do, or we don’t do it. For work that we do agree to take on, be assured that we honor our commitments and keep to the high road.

Watermark Group honors the Code of Ethics enforced by the Public Relations Society of America (www.prsa.org). Our founder, Athena Fristoe, has been an accredited member (APR) of PRSA since 1988.

Both education and practical experience are brought to bear in the accreditation process. To become accredited, members of this premier industry organization must pass stringent and comprehensive written and oral exams – which have been likened to the bar exam for attorneys – on all facets of the public relations discipline.

When shopping for public relations services, we encourage you to factor in PRSA accreditation (“APR”) to ensure that your programs are approached from the perspective of a professional discipline versus a prevalent attitude that “anyone can do PR.”

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