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Our Approach

Our Mission
We strive to become strategic partners with our clients by providing strategically sound marketing-based public relations counsel and support; integrated and highly effective programs, projects and activities; and exceptional customer service.

Our Philosophy
Watermark Group’s business philosophy promotes these key tenets:
      business experience
      agility through virtuality
      strategic partnership
      exceptional client service
      hands-on management

Experience Matters
We bring practical business sense to the table alongside our creative. We take the time to understand the intricacies of your business, then continually add value...by suggesting ways to strengthen existing programs...by identifying new activities that help achieve important business objectives. We leverage your resources into a strategy that gets you where you want to be. In short, we “get it.”

Integration Is Key
We start with efficiency as our pervasive cornerstone. How? By weaving strategy, marketing and communications into an integrated, “one-voice” message positioning base.

Which gets us to branding, because image is everything. It’s crucial to your company’s credibility, and we know how to get that message across to your key audiences.

Quality vs. Quantity
Maintaining quality control is paramount to us. To ensure exceptional, “hands-on” customer service, Watermark Group maintains a small office, with no plans to expand to more than a handful of full- and part-time team members at any given time.

Meanwhile, our virtual network of professionals is tapped at your expense only when specific expertise is required.

Our Guarantee
An old adage remains priceless: Nothing in public relations is guaranteed; if it were, it would be called advertising. At Watermark Group, we do handle advertising programs for clients, but we also work closely with our clients to build awareness of their brands beyond traditional paid advertising.

Our integrated approach will cost you less and have more staying power. In any case, we work with you from the outset to capture program objectives and establish metrics by which we can assess results.